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This was a song that kept on bothering me to be finished over months, and finished for now she is..

Just in time to be the free-give-away track for all who came to the EP1 Launch on 23rd July at Birthdays in Dalston..

I hope you like it, share far and wide and let me know what you think!

Some lyrics..
Lost soul at sea- waters too deep, to cast an anchor and stay, stay for a while
Winds blow so strong, she rock, she rolls, not the rights time nor the right place to settle down and stay a while

She never thought that she’d have it all, never to get near was what she’d been told
so she cast herself unto the sea, and continues a journey to find her piece.
accruing the lessons that they’d never learnt
paying the price for breaking the rules
over a life- a torturous fate, eyes-closed and follow was never an option anyway

she howls my whims set sail and carry me far
from all i know and draw comfort from
my compass spins before a course is set
laughs in the face of expectations never to be met

She howls, i remember family and i remember friend
i remember southern sun on my skin
a simpler time, an easier pace, frets not for a future we’ve no choice but to face

well swallows and sailors return eventually
bounty beautiful with gifts from the seas
at peace with deepest of blue
worth your weight in salt to know thy self
and to live what some only dare to dream